Mwasi Afrofeminist Collective is a French based collective fighting hard for Black liberation. We work in a non-mixed environment exclusively open to womxn of all gender experiences, femmes, and gender-marginalised people of African and Caribbean origin and descent. Mwasi was founded in 2014 by womxn’s sexual and reproductive health activists dismantling systemic violence against womxn in the DRC.


Our basic right to existence, freedom, happiness and self-identification. We aim to achieve this through the overthrowing of anti-blackness, hetero-patriarchy and capitalism.
Black feminism as a political practice


The collective is organized around commissions, these commissions are open to all sympathetic members. They make it possible to organize actions and produce training tools and spaces of solidarity.

Coordinator : Ana-Laura

 Art and Education

The Art and Education Commission works on art as a tool to raise awareness of the struggle and puts the education of children and young people as a priority.

Coordinator : Fania


This commission aims to train as well as to produce Afro-feminist, black liberation and pan-African political theory for the Afro community.

Coordinator : Cyn

  International, Migration et Panafricanism

This commission aims to build an Afro-feminist practice and thought which takes into account the international dynamics of capitalism.

Coordinator : Nabintou

  Police, Prison, Justice 

We therefore position ourselves firmly as anti-prison, that is to say for the abolition of prisons in all their forms, including therefore administrative detention centers. We also strongly condemn all police violence.

Coordinator :

  Health and Care  

This  commission’s aim is to make accessible the community care resources that allow black populations to nourish our resilience to the power relations existing in militant circles as well as to face the racist and heterosexist structuring of the medical system.

Coordinator : Ellie

  Queer & Trans* 

Mwasi is proud to be a structure by and for Trans and Queer people, whose analysis of society also cuts across gender and sexual orientation.

Coordinator : Id

 Travail, Logement et Précarité

The objective of this commission is to fight, on its own scale, against the precariousness of black populations, through housing and employment, both of which are contributing factors.


Against anti-blackness, patriarchal and capitalist violence, Mwasi-Collectif offers an Afro-feminist response: Training, mobilization, action and solidarity.