The Lyon stop was hosted by local collective Sawtche – collectif afroféministe, with support from Mwasi and Matters of the Earth. Sawtche Collectif is named after Saartjie Baartman, and fights against patriarchy and white supremacy. A Black queer feminist space was built over two days with powerful discussions workshops, and opportunities to deepen the discovery and learning. among organizers and Black womxn in Lyon, France.

As the first stop on the tour, Lyon was a huge boost for the team and a big success. Having the opportunity to engage in safe, facilitated, political and cultural discussions specific to Black women’s experiences with other Black women, without worrying about self financing resources such as transportation, accommodation, or childcare showed us that our vision was meeting the identified needs of local organizers. The workshop participants also gave useful feedback about improving future tour stops, such as asking for more Afrofeminist spaces to be built, political education around key terms and concepts, and more time for storytelling and education by – and about – Black women historically and currently engaged in Pan-African struggles across the world.