Nyansapo Fest’ is back!

Join us on July 1st, 2nd and 3rd 2022 for the third edition of our European afrofeminist festival, to imagine ‘the Day after the end of the world’.

Expect a whole line up of round tables, workshops, training sessions and artistic performances, to explore all the possible futures beyond climate, social and political disasters. 3 days of interventions from activists, artists and academics based in Europe, at la Parole Errante (Montreuil) and the CICP (Paris).

And we are very excited to welcome as our international guests this year members of the Senegalese feminist organisation JAMA!.

The festival is open to everyone. Tickets available from June 3rd, free donation from 1 euro.

Detailed programme coming soon.


illustrator: Saly-D ; graphist: Laura Latuillerie

Why NYANSAPO? Sounds a bit mysterious to you? We honour the wisdom of our communities through this festival’s name. NYANSAPO is an Adinkra (visual symbols created by the Ashanti of Ghana and the Gyaman of Ivory Coast) which means knot of wisdom, ingenuity, intelligence.

The ability to choose the best way to achieve one’s goal, putting knowledge and experience
to practical purpose.

With a name like that we’re already on the good foot, so sist@s we’re waiting for you – and spread the word!


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